Our dear Lovers,

We address this letter to you to wish you all a very nice year 2022. Also, we wanted to thank you for the year we have spent with you. It was a real pleasure to welcome you in Arcachon for your vacations, your weekends but also for your seminars and meetings. So many of you have trusted us for these precious moments!

Throughout this year 2021, we were delighted to be able to organize with you your most beautiful moments in Arcachon. Seeing so many of you has filled our heart with joy, and it never ends because every time you pass through the doors of the B d'Arcachon, our heart beat. Seeing you happy in our house, it beats stronger!

So, for this year 2022, we offer you the key to our heart because it is yours. Keep it safe.

2022 will once again be a year under the sign of nature, but above all it will be the year of love, the year of our love for you. Our history could not be written without you, so we are waiting for you once again under the beautiful sun of Arcachon!

Dear Lovers, we wish you a wonderful year and send our best wishes to you and your loved ones.

Very nice year to you all!


Le B d’Arcachon