The Dune du Pilat, a key attraction in the Bay of Arcachon, owes its fame to its height. At over 100m high and stretching over 3km in length, it is the largest dune in Europe.

Why is it worth a visit? Simply because once you have climbed the hundreds of steps leading to the top of the dune, you will have a breathtaking view of the Arcachon basin. 

Accessible by bike, it is also an opportunity for you to go for a nice walk in the Landes pine forests.


Every year, the dune is visited by millions of people, making it the most visited natural site in France. The region has therefore developed a large number of activities to make your visit an exceptional moment.

With family, friends or on your own, we offer guided tours to help you discover the history, geology, fauna and flora of this preserved natural heritage. For the dreamers among you, there are also storytelling walks to let your imagination run wild.

For the adventurous, we recommend a day trip to discover the dune and the Banc d'Arguin during a guided walk.

If you are here for a lazy weekend, we suggest you to go down to the beach side of the dune to enjoy the ocean and the sun. Beware, the climb back up will not be the easiest!

To finish your day on a high note, you can watch the sunset from the top of the dune. With a 360° view and a magnificent panorama over the ocean and the bay of Arguin, this sunset will be the most beautiful you have ever seen.