The sunny days are here, the desire to take the sea as well, and that why we are delighted to welcome you at the hotel Le B d’Arcachon. In order to ensure your comfort, tranquility and especially your safety during your dream stays, we reinvented ourselves. You will be able to purely enjoy your experience on the Bassin d’Arcachon without having to worry about anything.


This reopening period has made us rethink our way working. Thus, we have put in place The New Art of Welcoming You, a list of actions which now take part in our daily routines. These preventive and safety measures, allow us to offer you your most wonderful experiences in Arcachon. Among this list, you can find:

- The Art of Welcoming: the hotel Le B d'Arcachon is able to provide you with face masks, available on request.

- The Art of the Detail: a frequent and reinforced is done on lift buttons and light switches.

- The Art of Training: every staff member is trained in the latest safety and equipment norms (masks, visors, gloves)

- The Art of Vigilance: a hygiene supervisor has been named in the hotel in order to ensure the safety procedures application.

We are waiting for you all and hope that you will benefit of your Arcachon stay the best.

See you soon!