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The hat

A hat is not a simple accessory, it defines a style, a character. Floppy hat or Panama, you have the choice between a large number of shapes and colors!

In addition to protecting you from the sun, the hat is the essential accessory of the summer, it refines your silhouette and gives a touch to your look! But which model should you choose? 

If you are looking for a chic and glamorous style, I recommend you to wear a floppy hat, 100% retro, it is the perfect hat to go to the beach!

For a timeless and refined look, Panama is the hat you need! Made from palm fiber, Panama has been making a comeback for a few summers. It is easy to wear thanks to its sobriety.

Do you know the « Canotier »? It's the flagship hat of the spring-summer collections! This oval-shaped hat with flat bottoms and edges, appears in the middle of the 19th century. It was used by the boaters, the sailors who board the boats. First worn by men, women end up adopting it.

Do not wait any longer to choose your summer hat and bring an exceptional touch to your style!


Sunglasses, a true fashion accessory, add a plus to your style whether you are a man or a woman. The choice of this accessory is therefore essential!

Every year the same question comes back: what are the trendy sunglasses for the summer? Many fashion enthusiasts want to know the different models of glasses to adopt for the beautiful days. So, I decide to share with you the "safe values" to wear!

Among the flagship models, there is, first, the Wayfarer, a timeless that will always give you a fashion look. Other safe values, the pilot glasses which are declined in several colors. Did you know that this model was initially created to protect the airmen from the aggression of light? The famous Ray Ban Aviator have been able to democratize and conquer the world!

Finally, for more originality, I recommend the XXL retro glasses or those shaped butterfly. You are rather trendsetter? Opt for geometric sunglasses!

Keep in mind that sunglasses are essential accessories to your look, so do not deprive yourself!

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