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Discover the Bassin d'Arcachon in Stand-Up Paddle

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Mlle Inwood

Discover the Bassin d'Arcachon in Stand-Up Paddle

Stand-Up Paddle, the water sport that pleases

Sunshine, a light sea breeze, full sea and everything is there for a paddle ride. Perhaps you've heard of this water sport that is very trendy these days? Indeed, Stand-Up Paddle is a sea sport where you stand on a board and move forward with a paddle.

I really enjoy this activity when I go on holiday by the sea; it allows me to relax while enjoying the landscape. I also like this sport because it is an environmentally friendly way to get around on the water and enjoy the sea. It can be practiced alone or with others; this sport allows you to combine physical activity, relaxation and discovery.

The Bassin d'Arcachon, a place not to be missed to practice Stand-Up Paddle

On the Bassin d'Arcachon, the conditions are perfect for paddling in all seasons thanks to its calm waters. When the water tide is high, grab your board and discover the wild landscape of the bassin d'Arcachon.

My favourite ride, to be done in a group, with family or friends, is to ride along the beaches, sneak among the beautiful wooden pinasses and stop at the edge of the beach at an oyster house to taste a dozen oysters with a glass of white wine. This ride has became my favourite thing to do when I go to Arcachon.

Don't worry if you don't have a board, there are many water sports schools that will rent you one and even offer you lessons...

"Love, Sport and Discovery"


The Arcachon Nautical Show 2020

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Mlle Inwood

The Arcachon Nautical Show 2020


I'm from the city, I love Paris, but sometimes I feel too cramped. To make up the lack of space, I like to go to the basin to take a breath of the sea air and enjoy the landscapes that the coast can offer me.

In addition, the region allows me from Arcachon take part in activities that I can not have access to in Paris. Passionate about the marine world, and boats since my childhood, it seemed completely normal to me to come and spend my weekend on the basin to attend one of the biggest events of the year: The Arcachon 2020 International Nautical Show.


As you may have understood when I was writing my previous articles, I like to put my suitcases down in Arcachon, the city that serves as an anchor point for me. This time, I'm back in this beautiful region to take part in the 7th edition of the nautical show, which will take place from 17th to 19th April on the port of downtown Arcachon. A real showcase for the nautical industry, this show offers visitors subjects such as tourism, rescue or even a discovery of the innovations in the sector. These 3 days will revolve around exhibitions, films and interactive games that will enable you to understand the fragility of the marine world and some current issues.

So don't hesitate any longer, do as I do and come and discover the richness of our territory thanks to the 160 exhibitors and 450 boats that will be present during this 7th edition of the Arcachon nautical show. Little advice: register for the conferences now.


Discover the beauties of the Arcachon Basin

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Mlle Inwood

Discover the beauties of the Arcachon Basin


When summer comes, I love to go to Arcachon for the holidays in order to cut myself off from Parisian life and spend a few weeks at the edge of the Basin. After having placed my suitcases at the hotel Le B d'Arcachon, my holidays really start and enjoy the beach, the sun and the sea punctuate my days. 

But the Arcachon region is full of treasures and its natural diversity makes it an area to discover. During a stay in the Basin, some activities are essential and they always bring the same pleasure.


To spend an unforgettable stay in Arcachon, 4 places around the Basin are essential to visit. Located in the centre of the Basin, “l’île aux oiseaux” is one of the region's landmarks. Accessible at low tide with its “Tchanquées houses”, it will leave you with unforgettable memories. 

To admire the landscape, you have to know how to take height. Climbing the famous Dune du Pyla in addition to doing sports will offer you a breath-taking view of the Basin, certainly one of the most beautiful panoramas in France. 

Sunbathing is always a moment of pleasure, but doing it in the middle of the sea in front of the Dune du Pyla transforms this time into an exceptional moment. This is what the “banc d'Arguin” offers you, a piece of sand floating on the sea accessible at low tide. 

Return to the coast of the peninsula to enjoy the oysters of the Basin between the oyster houses of the “village de l'Herbe”, so enjoy a moment of relaxation with a glass of wine. 

Thanks to these 4 activities, you will enjoy magical moments that will make you love the Arcachon Basin like I do.

"Love, nature and beauty"



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Mlle Inwood



Every summer, I like to cut myself off from Parisian life and go to holidays for a few weeks. A destination is dear to my heart, because it represents for me many memories, the Arcachon Basin. I have been going on holidays for several years in this region with its many assets. A place to which I am attached and which I will probably never leave. 

I remember the first time I went there. I was 8 years old, it was during the traditional family holidays. Since then, I have returned every summer without exception with the same pleasure. I have learned to rediscover Arcachon and its Basin over the years to affirm to you that I believe it is one of the most beautiful places in France, especially thanks to its Basin, its dune and its history. The natural diversity of the Arcachon region is very rich and represents its greatest asset. Between sand dunes, water and forest, it is possible to admire splendid landscapes that are undoubtedly among the most beautiful in the world.


In the heart of this exceptional natural wealth, lies the city of Arcachon. This seaside resort, known to everyone, serves as an anchor point for me during my holidays. Arcachon is a city on a human scale, very pleasant and I particularly appreciate it. With its winter city, its casino and its jetty, Arcachon is a city with a rich history. It underwent its first growth as a spa resort to become one of the most popular seaside resorts in France, thanks in particular to its location on the waterfront, which allows you to take full advantage of all the wonders offered by the Basin. Staying in Arcachon allows you to enjoy water sports, beaches and the sun, but also to relax by visiting a historic city rich in heritage.

The region of the Arcachon Bassin is therefore, in my opinion, a destination for dream holidays that you will never forget.

"Love, Arcachon and elegance"



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Mlle Inwood



Through my articles, I like to present you my city of heart, the one I appreciate so much, which makes me dream and inspires me every day, Paris. But today I have a desire for a holidays, so I will break my habits and write a few words about a destination that is dear to me, the Basin and its region. 

A place I know well, located close to Bordeaux, which I believe is one of the most beautiful French destinations. Between the Basin, the “Dune du Pyla”, the ocean and the “Landes” forest, there are many activities and the landscapes offered exceptional beauty. They dazzle your eyes at every moment and engrave in your memory images that are impossible to forget.


When I go to this beautiful region, I like to pack my bags in Arcachon, a very pleasant seaside town. It serves as an anchor point for me during my stay, which is always punctuated by many walks, outings and escapades of all kinds.

During my Arcachon holidays, I always take the time to go to Cap Ferret, this peninsula is the real must-see village to visit during a stay in the Arcachon Basin. This small piece of land between the sea and the ocean is the ideal destination for a dream day. To get there from Arcachon, all you have to do is cross the Basin by boat, a little 15 minutes on the sea that will allow you to enjoy the fresh air. 

When I am in Cap Ferret, I particularly like to visit the 44 hectares of a preserved area at the end of the peninsula, where you can enjoy the Basin in complete peace and quiet atmosphere. I also enjoy the long walks on the beaches of the ocean side, they allow you to recharge your batteries and enjoy an exceptional sunset. End your day with an oyster platter and a good glass of white wine, you will finish its excursion filled with happiness.

"Love, holidays and elegance"

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